Celebrating Lexington!

On March 9, Lexington’s leaders in making this a wonderful place to live, work and play will come together for breakfast. America in Bloom-Lexington brings together these organizations to expand everyone’s knowledge about the marvelous things already going on, enhance the collaborative possibilities and begin to create additional resources for everyone.

Focusing on public/private collaborations for the 2017 breakfast, AIB-Lexington invited five speakers to discuss their projects. Ryan Koch, Executive Director of Seedleaf talked about the composting program and youth program SEEDS. Susan Pleuger from LFUCG brought attention to the city’s beautification program on major corridors. A perennial favorite, Lexington in Bloom, was highlighted by Liz Pattengill with Lexington Garden Clubs. Dick DeCamp explained how Lexington’s historic places are being saved and reclaimed with partnerships through BlueGrass Trust and others. And Bridget Abernathy with Trees Lexington focused on bringing our urban canopy to the levels that will provide energy savings, beauty, healthy air and more.

A surprise is in store for one Lexington citizen who will be named AIB-Lexington’s first Community Champion. Mayor Gray will present the award to this deserving citizen.

Hopefully, this breakfast will be the first of annual events. Celebrating and collaborating are primary missions of AIB-Lexington, and bringing everyone together to meet, greet and facilitate is a fun and engaging way to make that happen.


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