AIB-Lex at the 2017 Symposium


The week of October 4-7, Framingham and Holliston, MA were inundated with bourbon-drinkers…or at least those that understood bourbon. We were treated right away with a surprise award for our lovely and revered Lexington Cemetery. The next day we were treated to a tour of Mount Auburn Cemetery, a slightly older and much larger version.

Saturday was great fun as the Holliston in Bloom group met the busses with their high school marching band, creating an impromptu parade from the main street to the park where lunch and entertainment awaited. Lobster rolls proliferated, along with turkey for those who abstain from seafood. The high school chorus and others provided entertainment, but the activity was cut short when Paul Revere and William Dawes rode up on horseback and made some announcements. Poor William Dawes, along for the ride but not in Longfellow’s poem, read a poem commemorating his own lack of commemoration.

At that evening’s awards banquet, Lexington again received five stars, won its size category, and was inducted into the Circle of Champions. Another great symposium goes into the history books.

And next year, we’re up as the symposium arrives in Lexington on September 26-30. Hope you join us!


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