Community Profile

In 2014, Lexington, Ky began participating in the national America in Bloom competition, earning high ratings and awards in a variety of categories each year. As part of the competition, participants submit a 28-page Community Profile, providing a comprehensive view of how their city is striving to achieve high levels in each of the categories judged by AIB.

A great resource for realtors, business people, civic organizations and government, the profiles showcase Lexington in a way few other reports can.

To further our goal of making this information more accessible to members of our community, we have posted portions of the profile here to explore some of the highlights.

2018 Community Profile – Lexington, Kentucky

2017 Community Profile reduced (web quality for faster loading)

2017 Community Profile final (print-ready copy)

2016 Lexington AIB Community Profile Reduced (web quality for faster loading)

2016 Lexington AIB Community Profile   (print-ready quality)

2015 Lexington AIB Community Profile

2014 Lexington AIB Community Profile