Lexington is a 5 Bloom City!

AIB Lexington presents the 2016 5 Bloom award to the LFUCG City Council.

At the recent 2016 America in Bloom National Symposium in California, Lexington was clearly a winner!

Judges named Lexington truly a model America in Bloom city, earning the top rating of 5 blooms this year as well as the winner in our population category! As a 3rd year participant in the AIB national awards program, Lexington clearly possesses the essence of Southern culture, charm, history and hospitality.

Judges Katy Moss Warner and Meg Whitmer felt they had received a warm welcome, gracious hospitality, and thorough, well-planned tour. They felt Lexington’s pride showed throughout the community with volunteers and partners working together to make our city a special and unique destination.

Lexington will host the America in Bloom Symposium in 2018, providing us with an exceptional opportunity to showcase and celebrate all of the wonderful things that make Lexington a 5-bloom city.


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